Skincare & Make Up — Canva Social Media Template Bundle

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Want a branded Instagram profile to improve the look of it?

Look no further! With these templates, you will be able to develop a cohesive look in your feed and stories and instantly catch the eye of your potential customers.

🚀 This Complete Bundling Pack has everything you need to market and promote your Business.

Using templates to build your brand saves you time, keeps your platforms all looking consistent, creating a trustworthy and professional looking brand!

With these easy to use templates, you don't need to spend hours learning how to design or pay an expensive designer to create something for you.


This set is ideal for Skincare/make up accounts, entrepreneurs and any product-related business. Take away the hard work and edit with ease using these templates!

Stand out from the crowd and attract more followers while increasing leads and sales!

Let's face it design can be fun but it can also be a HUGE time waster. Don't go down the design rabbit hole! Templates streamline your design process and move you through your to-do list faster! 

BE RECOGNIZABLEWhen you show up consistently on social media you will attract your readers and clients. Your audience will become familiar with your brand and your graphics will stand out in the crowded online space. 

⭐️ 310 Templates Included

- 100 fully editable Instagram Post templates

- 100 fully editable Instagram Story templates

- 100 fully editable Facebook Post templates

- 10 Instagram Story highlight cover

- PDF with link to the Templates in Canva + Instructions

- Full support from our team

⭐️ Content

- Product catalogue

- Sale and giveaway

- Alerts, notifications

- Testimonials

- Quote and creative content

⭐️ Features

- Can be used over and over again

- Easy to customize; colors, graphics, and text

- Easy to “drag-&-drop” your images and upload your logos

- Add your own images and quotes and text

- Change background and text colours

- Free online design tool

- User-friendly drag and drop interface

- No Photoshop required

- Customer Support from our team

- Instant download file

Have any other questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us directly. We are always available and willing to help!

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Skincare & Make Up — Canva Social Media Template Bundle

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I want this!